Lee Wilson Studios

Photography and filmmaking are my absolute passions.

Five years ago I was enjoying a rewarding career as a youth worker on Vancouver Island. The more time I spent travelling, the more it felt like there was a different path out there waiting for me. I already had a music studio at the age of 20. I invested into recording equipment years before my car, which came after university. The camera came with a friend who graduated film school. He believed we could offer music videos along with recordings. Before I knew it I was up hours before work catching the sunrise and then back out after shooting all the landscapes the Pacific Northwest had to offer. It has been three years since I left my career the journey, it has been special. I am now based out of Kitamaat Village located in Northern British Columbia. 

One driver in using my creative side to explore is inspiring other people to find their journey or adventures. I often find myself reading a story or looking at an image of a place that sparks a desire to experience it in person. Being able to connect with people has always felt natural. Maybe it comes from growing up in a small remote community where everybody knows you. It has helped me in each of the careers I have chosen, especially the creative ones.

In my business being authentic and honest has been a key to success.

- Lee

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